About GCall

Hey there!

We’re super happy that you have come to check out our home on the web. On this site, you’ll find all of the necessary information pertaining to our services and business.

We’ve dedicated this “about page” to telling you about our background in trees and our goals for the company. Keep reading on down below for all of the details!

Who is GCall?

GCall is one of those weird and crazy companies that started out in one field and ended up in one that was different. Just think of it as how David Geffen started working in the music industry and ended up helping start Dreamworks.

We started in the cell phone business. That’s right, the cell phone business. Our name comes from where we’re from – Georgia. What we did was help contract the building of cell phone service towers for various providers. We would help build these towers far and wide in the great state of Georgia.

Part of our business involved helping prepare the land for the building of the towers. This meant that sometimes we would have to remove trees or trim branches in order to build the towers. Our work in this area became particularly well known because the land that we would clear would be the most advantageous for the reach of the towers.

As a result of our success in this area of the cell phone industry, some corporate executives of contracting and cell phone companies began to ask us to do small favors in the form of clearing trees and branches on their personal properties.

Our work became more and more well known in this department. After a while, it seemed as if the cell phone tower building game was taking a downturn. We took our chances and transferred all of our assets in the tree service department. We kept the name, and ten years later, here we are!